Greylee was a victim of the micro mini pig syndrome. At six months old she weighed 3.5 lbs. Not the fault of previous owners. They only did what they were told to do to keep her small. left picture is first day we got her, 3.5 lbs and covered in mites. Middle picture is 1 week after we got her and put her on a healthy diet. Last picture is her today, Happy, healthy and normal size for a piggy her age. But wait, she is still growing and will for the next few years.

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Sgt. Pickles, our newest arrival. He is in good health but has a long way to go in trusting us.  

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Meet Chop Suey, Chop came to the sanctuary because her other mommy had to move out of the state. Chop is a old girl who lost her ears to a dog attack and has also lost most of her sight. There was no way she could have survived a cross country move, so she is now in her forever home. As she can only really smell us, she is going to take a very long time to really trust us. Even if she doesn't know it, she is safe and loved. 

But as you can see, he is coming along and now trusts enough to eat out of my hand and accepted his first belly rub!

Cookie was attacked by dogs when she was younger. To save her life the Vet closed her right ear. Well from time to time she gets an abscess and we have to call out the vet. 


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Doc Lucero treated her and look how good she's doing!  She is so much more comfortable and so are we. We worry so much when one of our animals are hurting. We love you Cookie.